Alright, let’s face it, 2020 sucks. But we can’t let that discourage us from enjoying what we can out of the year. Living in Oregon, we have easy access to nature’s beauty and can enjoy fun activities it has to offer. If you’re looking for an activity to bring some light into your life this summer, look no more! We’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of the best winter activities to partake in the month of December.

Silver Falls
Did you miss silver falls this summer? Well, Oregon State Park is open all year round! The hike is a yearly must if you live in the area. There are two trails called Trail of Ten Falls which is 7.8-miles long and Lower Loop Hike which is a 4.5-mile hike. In the longer hike, you will see 10 beautiful waterfalls and on the shorter trail, you will see 7 falls. The great thing about visiting Silver Falls in the winter is the tolerable weather and lack of foot traffic.

Winter Sports
Yes, winter sports! We see them on t.v. all the time now it’s time to actually enjoy them. For a family-friendly activity, we recommend going sledding or tubing. This is easy not only for the parent but enjoyable for the little ones. Mt. Hood Skibowl and Hoodoo Ski Area are some of our favorite locations. For those feeling a bit more dangerous, we have skiing and snowboarding. Here’s a link to Travel Oregon’s dedicated coverage of snow sports to get the latest update on ski areas and sno-parks.

PNW Ocean Storms
Since we live in Oregon, we got our routine down. We expect the beach to be the antithesis of hot, sunny, and every other mainstream beach stereotype. The truth is, we accept Oregon beaches for what they are: cold, cloudy, and beautiful. During the month of winter, Oregon is known for its powerful winter storms. While it’s a beautiful site to see, don’t get too close. The strong winds can blow sand and other objects making it very painful. If this is your first time we recommend going to Fort Stevens and Ecola State Park.

Well, now we hope we gave you a few ideas on what potential activities to partake in during this winter. While 2020 comes to end, we’re glad we’ve continued writing blog posts for you, our readers. If you would like to hear anything in specific don’t hesitate to email us blog ideas. Until next year!

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