If you have a great piece of land then you probably don’t really need a good reason to go outside anyway. Nevertheless, we are here to give you reasons and ways to make more time for playing outside. Kids have it right! Playing outside makes you happier and healthier! So what are you waiting for? It’s almost time to get outside and play again

It Relieves Stress

Did you know that just being outside in fresh air really actually Relieves stress? Taking a short walk can seriously lower your stress levels. It has been proven that people who spend a lot of time outside have lower cortisol levels. Cortisol is a stress hormone. Having peace and quiet reduces it as well. Plus, studies have shown that people who live in the country have lower stress hormones than those living in the city. So if you are already living a rural lifestyle then your stress levels are probably already better!

Better Air Quality

As we all know plants and trees are what create oxygen. Spending the whole winter mostly inside can do a number on our immune system. Inside air is often stale and can build up toxins over the winter. Getting outside and enjoying the fresh air is good for everyone! Enjoying the fresh Air is one great excuse to get outside this Spring!

The Sun!

We love the sun but we so lack it during the winter months. The sun is so good for us. The sun gives us essential Vitamin D. Vitamin D improves our mood and mental health. Also, Vitamin D also helps you absorb Calcium. Spending only 15 mins a day can really improve your moods! Getting some sun in your life is a great way to spend time outside!

The Garden

One amazing way to spend your time outside this spring is in your Garden. You can spend time planning the garden. Adding too and building your dirt and compost. Digging holes and planting seeds and just getting your hands dirty is so satisfactory. The truly satisfying part will be reaping the benefits of the vegetation that you planted during the summer and fall. You can even Can things that you grow and keep them for next winter. Having fun in the garden is a great way to spend time outside this Spring!

The Animals

When Spring “springs” all of the animals start to wake back up to the world. Unfortunately, you don’t see a lot of animals outside during the winter but once it becomes spring they all come out! You will see lots of fresh lambs and deer start showing up more again. In Spring rabbits start coming out with their babies.  You can lay outside and watch all of the birds flying around! It is so nice to watch the wildlife world wake back up.

The Fun

Springtime is just a fun time all around. There are so many festivals and parties. Spring is a time of rebirth and renewal and we treat it as such. We get daylight saving back and the days get longer. The parties move outside in the evenings for bonfires and fun. It is important to enjoy the best things that Spring has to offer us!

We hope that this blog gave you some real excitement about this upcoming Spring! Get out there and enjoy it the the full extents. If you are still living in the city but are interested in moving out to the country then give us a call and we will help find the perfect piece of land for you!