While 2020 has been a crazy year, we finally make it the spooky season of 2020! We’re here to bring you the creepiest tales in American farm history. Yes, farms bring us some of the greatest flavors that satisfy our plates; yet, there are still scary stories that linger from over 243 years of pre-colonial and American history.  

Lorreta Lyn’s Plantation Home

In 1966, music legend Loretta Lyn bought a plantation home in Tennessee. History states that the home was built in 1876 and 19 confederate soldiers were murdered and buried in the property in 1863. While their death stories are unconfirmed, Lorreta’s family testifies to paranormal encounters. 

Lorreta’s children claimed to see the Civil War soldiers taking off their boots, standing at the foot of their bed, and a woman dressed in white sobbing in the balcony. It’s rumored that Lorreta has tried to connect with the spiritual world but it is not confirmed. 

Lorreta’s family moved after her son died in 1984. She opened up her plantation home to tour guides with one request that nothing be touched. One tour guide disobeyed and mysteriously died falling down the stairs. Is this a coincidence? We don’t think so, what do you think?

The Old Arnold Estate 

You might be familiar with this tale, the movie the conjuring is based on creepy tales from The Old Arnold Estate. Legends states three people committed suicide in the home, two people drowned, four people froze to death and a young girl was raped. Since these incidents, scary encounters have continued to terrify the home and its inhabitants. 

The scariest ghost is a satanist named Bathsheba Sherman. In the 19th century she hung herself from a big oak tree behind the barn. The last family to stay in the home are the Perron’s. The Perron’s claimed Bathsheba Sherman screamed, “get out” and slowly the attacks from the ghost got more intense. In 1980, the family eventually moved. 

Scary stuff right? Luckily, at Oregon Farm Brokers we access each property’s history to ensure we are providing our clients with the best of the best. No spooky stuff here! 

We’re ready to enjoy the positive things about halloween like dressing up, candy, and watching old disney movies. We hoped you enjoyed learning a bit about scary farm tales. Happy halloween stay safe and wear a mask! 


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