In the month of June OFB owner Steve Helms, was out showcasing a property to clients when they encountered a dilemma. In front of their eyes, a rattlesnake appeared! A rattlesnake bite contains venom, the amount of venom ranges from 1-850 mg or more; it simply depends on the size of the snake. Most importantly, a bite from a rattlesnake requires immediate medical care and if untreated it could be fatal. Luckily, at Oregon Farm Brokers our brokers are skilled not only with their knowledge of real estate properties but of how to manage unwanted animals on a farm. Steve, went head to head with the rattlesnake and caught it off guard with a quick blow to the head. That day Steve saved his clients and demonstrated that at Oregon Farm Brokers we’re more than just brokers, we serve to protect you and your new home. 

The story of Steve and the rattlesnake made the Oregon Farm Brokers team wonder, “what other snakes live in the PNW?”. We conducted research and are ready to tell you what snakes to look out for specifically, in Oregon. 

The Garden Snake 

Yes, we’re talking about the baby Garden Snakes that might live in your backyard! Garden Snakes are not venomous to humans, but their salvia can be deadly to small snails, salamanders, and other small creatures. While as humans, we may not die from a Garden Snakebite we are still susceptible to developing redness, irritation, swelling, and discomfort. Be on the lookout for these snakes, they are typically 23 to 30 inches long! 


Common Garter Snake 

The scientific name for the Common Garter Snake is Thamnophis Sirtalis. The average length for this type of snake is 137 cm long, that’s about 1.5 of a yard. They typically have a wide range of colors that can be found within a rainbow and beyond. This specifically, makes them very hard to distinguish from their non-venomous counterparts. Moreover, the interesting factor about this snake is that they are born live. This indicates that they skip over the egg-laying process and come out of the mother’s womb fully active and ready to start eggs. If you’re ever out hiking, keep an eye out for the Common Garter Snake. 

The Rattlesnake 

Oregon is home to the Western Rattlesnake, like the one Steve encountered! These snakes blend well with their environment and are often hard to spot. More than often, these snakes stay away from humans, but when they’re near you’ll hear the ringing sounds coming from their tale. While these snakes are not native to the land, they’ve reproduced and grown in numbers! Keep an eye for the Oregon Rattlesnake they can be found in Klamath Falls, Umpqua River, and the Willamette Valley! 

We hope you enjoyed our Rattlesnake story and had a fascinating time learning about the reptiles living in our state of Oregon! 


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