Hay and Grasses

Hay and grass is a very important resource, the growing of hay and grasses in the farming community is very deep seeded (joke intended). Those of us who live in the Willamette Valley know a lot about hay and grasses. After all, Linn County is the Grass seed capital of the entire world. We have fields and fields of rolling hills of grass and hay. It’s a beautiful sight.  Early summer sure makes you feel American with the “amber waves of Grain” growing everywhere you look. With all the growing of hays and grasses in this area it makes for a great reason to get some property with acreage. Growing grasses in Linn County is an intricate part of the society in this area and it is a great way to be a part of the community.

Types of Grasses

One of the best grasses around is called Perennial Ryegrass. Its popularity comes from its ability to germinate in 7 to 10 days or less. Perennial Ryegrass is favored by many due to its resilience to being trampled. This is the type of grass that is used in almost every premier sporting event in the world and it is an Oregon-grown grass.

Another popular grass is called Fine Fescues. This type of grass works well with the cool weather.  This grass is also tolerant of the shade. Many grasses don’t tolerate shade. This grass is a medium to dark green in color. It grows best in cool humid regions, coastal regions and in high elevations. There are several varieties of Fine Fescue some popular ones are Chewings Fescue, Red Fescue, Creeping Red Fescue, Sheep Fescue and Hard Fescue.

One type of grass that many are surprised grows in Oregon is Kentucky Bluegrass. It really does grow in Oregon but mostly does very well in eastern Oregon where the weather is more desert-like. It can be grown in Western Oregon in mixes. It is often used on home lawns, parks, cemeteries, institutional grounds, airfields, roadsides, golf course fairways and athletic fields because of its ability to withstand high traffic. Kentucky Bluegrass is one of the most commonly used grasses in Oregon.

Types of Hay

Alfalfa is one of the favorites of horses, they really love it! It sells well. It is high in protein. It is easy to digest. It’s vitamin and mineral dense. It is easy to make cubes or pellets with. It is also very easy to grow, especially in Oregon

Timothy hay is another that you hear about fairly often. It is great for older, nursing, or young growing animals as it is very high in nutrients. It is high in fiber, and easy on the digestive system. Unfortunately, it does tend to be more expensive.

Orchard grass is a super popular type of hay. It sells cheaper than alfalfa or Timothy hay. It is not as nutrient rich as either of the others unfortunately. It is very tasty for your animals though!

Oat hay is one that we all hear about often! This hay is a lot more coarse than they others but is also good on a budget. However, because the stalks are tougher some horses won’t eat it. Another thing to keep in mind is that it is high in sugar. So something to be aware of if your have animals that are sensitive to sugars.

There is a short description of some good grass and hay that will grow well in the Willamette Valley. If you are interested in buying your own acreage then give us a call and we will find the perfect place for you!