Birds on the Farm

No only are birds beautiful animals but they can also be very profitable to keep on the farm. Almost everyone that keeps poultry absolutely love their birds! They are full of fun and personality, we can all appreciate the feat that they can fly (even if it’s just short distances). Poultry is amazingly multi-purposeful. Not only are they good for their eggs but they are good for their meat, their feathers, and even their feces. Crazy right?!?! Usually, we just think of chickens but there are so many more farm birds then just chickens. In this article, we will spotlight some popular poultry to keep on the farm!


Let’s talk the most obvious farm bird first. Chickens are great. They are great for their eggs, most are great layers! Chickens are super hardy and can forage for themselves. If they have fertile eggs they hatch them themselves and care for their chicks with little to no assistance other than during extreme cold. They are also great for making a small income as you can sell their eggs, breed and sell them, or butcher and sell the meat. Unfortunately, there are some cons to having chickens. They can be rather loud, especially roosters. They are also quite easily preyed upon. Many predators would love chicken for dinner just as much as we do. Nevertheless, Chickens are a great bird to keep on the farm!


Oh my goodness, ducks are amazingly adorable. They will always follow you like ducklings! Most are sweet and cute with great personalities and they love to cuddle! Duck eggs are hard to come by and not often readily available in most stores, therefore you can make a bit of a profit on selling duck eggs. Their meat is also delicious and juicy (it’s also expensive to buy and hard to find). Ducks are very hardy and need very little shelter or care. They are cheap to feed as well. Ducks can, however, be loud and make mud because of their love for water. Other than that ducks make amazing farm birds!


Have you ever seen a baby quail? They have to be the cutest little things in the whole world! So itty bitty and extremely sweet! Quail make absolutely perfect homesteading bird because they are easy to keep, they have such a small size, they go from hatching to ready to process in 8 weeks, and they are extremely prolific layers for the first year of their lives! They are hard to find and they are in high demand in most markets. Both their eggs and their meat. The only downside is that because they are so small it would take several of them to match a chicken on both egg laying and meat. But goodness they are cute.


Mmmm, Thanksgiving dinner. Imagine raising your own delicious Thanksgiving Turkey, you will know what went into the animal its whole life. No gross feed, no trash, no unneeded growth hormones or antibiotics. Plus, if you grow several of them you can make a ton of money for Thanksgiving! That would be great for right before Christmas! Turkeys are surprisingly clean, they also have a very sweet temperament generally! As chicks they can be rather fragile but overall they are a great farm bird to have!

Other Poultry

Some other poultry that one might consider having on their homestead include geese, they are great watchdogs for your other less tough poultry, but they can be loud! Peacocks are another! Some other farm birds that we often forget about include emus, pheasants, pigeons, partridges, Guinea fowl, and there are still more! It is important for you to do research and find out what would be the best suited poultry for your farm!

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