Things to Do This Summer With Kids

One of the best things about summertime is that school is out! That means the kids are home for the Summer! It’s so much fun to have a lot more quality time with your kids. However, kids need to stay busy or else parents might lose their minds. Luckily, if you live on a farm, there are endless learning opportunities, projects, and fun adventures to be had with your children during the summer. Here are some great suggestions to help your kids stay busy!

One great project for both parents and children is build an elaborate tree house or fort. Most of us who live on a farm have some old palettes or fencing laying around those both work great for making a great fort or tree house. I’m pretty sure that every kid dreams of having they own outside space, part of their own world. Help your child make that dream come true while simultaneously teaching them how to build, use tools, and learn other life skills.

Give them a baby. I’m not crazy, hear me out. Get your child or children a bottle baby. Whether it be a cow, a goat, a lamb, even kittens. Having something defenseless rely on your child will teach them a strong sense of responsibility. It will teach them hard work and dedication. It will keep them busy with having to feed their baby every few hours. It will teach them life skills making bottles, cleaning up after the baby, stimulating them to go to the bathroom if needed. It will teach them what parents go through with a newborn to some extent. Children may even gain a deeper sense of appreciation for their parents and a deeper love of animals. 

Help your child start their own business. Starting at about 3 years old children have they ability to do jobs. Whether it be as simple as selling lemonade it is possible. Depending on the age there are many jobs children can do. Younger kids can sell lemonade, pick berries and have a stand, collect eggs and sell them. A little older can pull weeds, mow lawns, have their own small garden to sell produce from, tend to animals, even clean stalls if they are strong enough. Once they hit early teens they likely capable of most farm type work. Many teenagers work the farm all summer bucking hay, some start other businesses, some babysit. Whatever age they are there is some type of job they can do.

Dig a pool, seriously. The promise of a pool next summer will keep your kids digging all summer long this summer. Many people have done this and dug their pools on their own for a cheaper pool installation. Make sure you get the clear from your city and the proper permits and know where all the pipes run.

Remember better safe than sorry, so always supervise your children no matter what they are doing. Summertime is a great time to spend time with your kids, make the best out of it! If you are looking for your new Farm or Ranch then contact us and we will help make that dream a reality.