Spring on the Farm

We are more than excited to welcome Spring this year! But with Spring probably being a farmers busiest season it can be super daunting to think of all the things that need to get done during this time. While it is a huge task to get everything done in the spring it is also a great time of year. With the world coming back anew there are many delights to the farmer in Spring such and beautiful flowers and Spring babies all around! There are so many things to think about and consider during the Spring season on the farm. Today we will talk about some of the things that happen, need to be done, and even why these things are good!


Animals are the best, we all love our animals. During late fall and through Winter many of our animals are put up, they get restless and tired of being put away for so long. Even the cleanest of barns start to smell and be stuffy but the end of winter. One of the very best things about Spring is seeing the joy in your animals when you finally get to turn them loose into pasture again! They get to roam and roll in the fresh green grasses that accumulate over the winter. They are so pleased to be able to lay in the sunshine once again! Nothing is better than seeing so much happiness.

Another great thing about Spring surrounding your animals are the Spring babies! The anticipation of the births to see what you will get is so exciting. It can be stressful but it’s also sooo joyful! The babies are so precious to watch roaming around and discovering the world for the first time. Even if you intend to sell them later, right now is the time you get to enjoy them! Lambs are generally born in January so they are the first babies that you will get to enjoy!


Getting your land prepared for planting your crops is one of the tougher parts of farming in Spring. However, when you are doing all of this work you know that it will be worth all of the effort in the long run for sure! Springtime is when you have to work on plowing your fields. You Have to make sure your soil is in great growing condition. Once that has all been arranged and the last freeze has passed then it is time for you to put your crops into the ground!

Since Spring can be kind of cold and late here in Oregon it is a prudent choice to start your seedlings indoors for your garden! This makes them strong and far more viable in case a cold front hits us late! Starting your personal spring garden is such a wonderful feeling knowing that you will soon be able to care for you little plants and you will be able to feed your family with healthy home grown fruits and veggies.

Farm Visits

If this is something that you do on your farm or you would like to do, Spring is the perfect time to invite schools to come and visit your farm! This is a great way to make a little extra money or just spread the joys of farming with a new generation. You could be a reason that a little child decides that they want to have their very own homestead when they grow up.

Spring is a great time to have a farm and if you are ready to embark upon this journey then contact us to help you find your own farm or ranch!