Ways To Open Your Farm To The Public 

Is your dream to have a farm that is open to the public? This is so much fun and such an important and educational tool to many. There are people who live in the City that don’t get the opportunity to have the farm experience. So having a place to visit and enjoy the fun of a farm is imperative to peoples education. Seeing a working farm builds the appreciation for the farmer. A positive thing about having a public farm is that you can have different activities, crops, and goods available all year long and make a great income while doing so! Here are some ingenious ways to do it!

A Farm Market

This right here is a spectacular way to generate income and have your farm open to the public. In a farm market you can sell anything really. Some make baked goods, such as pies, breads, donuts, and many other delicious delicacies. 

Some people sell produce, much of which they grow themselves or buy/trade from other local farmers. Everyone one wants farm fresh produce picked daily. People will travel and pay good money for this luxury.

Many successful farm stands or markets will even sell cooked foods or have a restaurant on site. People love food. Everyone needs it, and people will buy it!

Pumpkin patch 

Some people love Fall more than any other time of year. It certainly has a nice feeling to it. A well set up Pumpkin patch can make a huge revenue. Something that you can do to give your pumpkin patch a cut above the other would be to add special attractions. Some popular attractions would include:

A petting zoo: most people love animals. Get some sweet goats, maybe some sheep, donkeys, and llamas. Let people pet, handle and feed them. This is a favorite amongst both adults and children. 

A corn maze or hay maze: this is also a huge attraction. People love a maze, it gives people the slight feeling of danger while actually never being in any. Remember to always have a drawn map so no one actually gets lost!

A slide or play structure: Children love slides and they love to play. Parents will appreciate the reprieve while the children entertain themselves playing for a while.

Panning: some farms have little man-made streams that they stock with cool little rocks, gems, and other goodies that people can pan for. Children adore this activity and get to go home with a little surprise.

Educational Farm

This is a really amazing service that some farms have started doing. They will offer educational tours that teach people how a farm runs. The tour will teach people how to do certain tasks on the farm such as milking, feeding animals, picking produce etc.


Many people do U-pick farms and make a great profit doing so. They charge slightly less per pound on their produce and people pay for the experience and freshness of picking their produce on there own!

If you have always dreamt of having a farm like this then what is stopping you? Let us help you find the farm of your dreams!