Many people who can afford to buy a large acreage my shy away from it because they may not know what to do with such a large amount of space. But in all reality land isn’t going anywhere and we aren’t gaining more of it. It is an important resource to gain while you can. Here are some great ways to make the most out of your large acreage.

Leasing it

There are many people who would like to have land to do stuff with but cannot afford to buy the land. Many land owners have started leasing or renting space on their large acreage to others. Some endeavors that people may be looking for space for would include keeping animals such as cows on the land. This is called grazing land. Cows need a lot of space so it is necessary for people to be able to find land owners willing to lease. On the plus side, if you have a lot of brush on your land the cows will likely clear it out. 

Some people lease their land for growing stuff. Some people may lease for just a season or for an entire year. They may grow one type of crop or they may grow several different crops throughout the year. Some will lease it out for several years at a time to which give the leaser a strong sense of security. Also many times you can work a deal out either the leaser to give you a small portion of their harvest as part of the deal.


Timber is always in high demand. It has always been in high demand and it will always be in high demand. People love solid wood anything, it is very sought after. If you buy a property that is heavily wooded, then you can sell to a timber company. Not only will they come and clear the land they will pay you to do so. People can make a bundle of money selling their trees especially depending on the type of tree it is. If you choose to do this and don’t want permanently cleared land then make it part of the deal for the loggers to plant new trees in their place. 


One thing that you can do with a large acreage, that is a great way to profit down the road, is sub-divide. Separate lots and sell them individually. Make sure when you go to buy your large acreage that separating it will be a possibility in the future. A large acreage that you plan on subdividing can be a great investment opportunity.

Just an Investment 

Buying land with no buildings or homes can actually be a great investment. As mentioned above, land isn’t going anywhere and we aren’t getting any more of it. The price of land will increase as the population continues to grow. Soon enough having land will be extremely coveted. Get you piece of the world now and make you profit on it later!

These are just a few great ways you can use your large acreage property to your advantage. Now it’s time to get your own, contact us today to get started on your dream property.