Farming Bee’s is a skill-set you can easily acquire, especially with the extra time spent at home caused by a global pandemic. If you’re brave, love honey, and need a new project, we’ve got just the one for you: becoming a beekeeper. Adding a unique skill set will not only supplement your expertise, but it can also bring in extra profit! Alright, now that you’ve decided to become a beekeeper, here are the simple steps to get started: 

Get a Hive

To become a successful beekeeper, you need a place for your bees to call home. Whether you decide to build your hive from scratch or purchase a new one, it’s necessary to produce honey. We recommend going on YouTube, typing “how to build a beehive DIY,” and a great variety of results will appear based on the style you choose to build. A common theme in these videos the exterior of your beehive is glass to see the honey-making process. So if you want to capture your process digitally, we recommend constructing a glass exterior.

Getting Bees or Swarms

Alright, now that you’ve got your beehive, it’s time to introduce your bees to their new home. SWARM season in Oregon begins around April; this month is perfect because it’s decently warm, and there are enough nectar and pollen in the area for bees to thrive. 

Where Do I Place My Bees?

We’re going to take a holistic approach and think about the entire year when deciding their placement. The farther away from people, the better, receiving direct sunlight and staying above ground level. The perfect place is underneath the shade of your lovely tree! In this position, it will receive sunlight while also being protected by tree branches during winter times.

Beekeeper Attire 

Like we mentioned at the beginning, becoming a beekeeper takes a lot of bravery; for this reason, you need protective clothing. We all know bees sting, and yes, they hurt. Purchase protective clothing that covers you from head to toe! Amazon has a variety of options that range in prices of $24.00-$300; it depends on how much you’re willing to spend. 


While this blog post taught you the principles of beekeeping, there is still so much to learn! You can continue to learn through online research, books, videos, and more! We’ve given you the foundations to become a great beekeeper, produce honey, and begin to make a profit. Nothing sells better than “Organic Sweet & Delicious Honey.”

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