Future Farmers of American (FFA) is an American youth organization who works primarily with middle to high schoolers. Initially founded in 1928, the first FFA team consisted of 33 young farm boys in Kansas City’s Baltimore Hotel. The first national FFA convention was held that same year with 33 delegates from 18 states. In 1988, they became a nationwide organization and changed its name to the National FFA Organization. The goal of the FFA today is to promote agricultural education by creating a path to premier leadership, personal growth, and career success. 

Building Leaders

The National FFA Organization is dedicated to building the agricultural leaders of tomorrow. Leadership opportunities are available within your chapter, state, and nationwide. This provides students with a chance to work on strategy, policies and implement new recommendations. Even if you are not in a leadership position, there are still many areas that help you achieve your goals. For example, local, state, and nationwide competitions help you learn about an agricultural topic in a competitive environment if desired. 

Why is Agriculture Important to Education?

In today’s age, we see a strong disconnection between the land, animals, and farmers who feed us versus the grocery store. In urban areas, some children have never seen a farm animal. Agriculture education serves to now normalize how we cultivate, harvest, and grow animals. By understanding where food comes from, people will begin to appreciate it more—the work of the farmer who picks the fruit to the animal who died to nourish your body. 

When we discuss agriculture education, we do not mean to train students to become everyday farmers. We are referring to students becoming tomorrow’s scientists leading the path in food science, nutrition, and education. One key component of agriculture education is to find sustainable ways to live. 

How Does Oregon Farm Brokers Fit Into This?

We are passionate about farms and sustainable living. Some of our teammate’s best memories are in participating in FFA teams, conventions, and selling animals in the county fair. If you are looking for an activity that allows your child to learn, grow, and become a great leader contact your local FFA! 


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