Kids love to be outside! We should all take a page from children and spend a lot more time outside. More than likely you are not the typical suburban family and you probably already spend a lot of time outside. On the farm there are unlimited amount of things that we can do and learn on the farm. But sometimes it’s hard to find things or unique things to do on the farm with children so here are some great ways to get kids more active on the farm!


One great way for kids to have fun and stay active on the farm is getting them involved with animals. Whether it’s joining the local FFA, or 4-H or just teaching them at home, children can get a lot out of learning to care for animals. It is fun to learn where your food, and other animal products come from.They learn about reproductive, birth, and death. These are all important lessons. Children learn empathy,  responsibility, strength, hard work and many other positive attributes when working with animals. It is important for our children to learn how to care for animals for the future if farming America. This is one way to get your children more active on the farm while at the same time having fun and learning!


There are so many activities that you can do when you have some time and the space. One great thing to do is to build a worm farm! Not only is this super fun and exciting for little ones but it it also great for your spoiled. Simply make a good compost box and add in some worms. You I’ll quickly watch the population grow. You can also make this a business for your child to be responsible for. You can sell worms for bait and sell worm castings for gardening. You could pick wildflowers throughout your property and turn into paint! If you have a little artist in your mist this is a great way to intrigue them and teach them a new skill. Another fun activity is teaching your children how to make their own butter, cheese, and yogurt. Butter is a super easy one for little children. They will appreciate making their own stuff and feel a strong sense of pride and accomplishment. These are just a couple of great activities to do on a farm with your children!


In the last paragraph we mentioned gardening. Starting a garden with your children is not only a great way to teach your child sustainable living  but gives them a great sense of pride. A child knowing that they have contributed to their family will help them develop a good work ethic and self worth. Plus just everything about gardening is fun for them. Planning, and picking out what to grow. Playing in the dirt and mud. Pruning and picking their produce! It’s all great fun and a great way to spend your time outside. Productive and fun are a great combination!

These are some ways that we can get our rural kids more active on their farms and outside their homes. It’s great to spend time outside and what a better way than to have fun with our children!

If you are interested in making your dream come true and give your kids some land to play on then give us a call and we will help that come true.