The Future in Farming

Usually when we think about propane we think about about summertime barbecues and perfectly cook foods. However, many people are switching to propane on their farms. There is a huge diversity for what you can use propane for! Here are some reasons that farmers are switching to propane and how it can be used on the farm.

Reasons to Switch

Propane is a much cheaper energy source than electricity or gasoline. We all would rather spend less monthly wouldn’t we? Using propane powered appliances and equipment could cut your costs as much as half!

Appliances, vehicles, and equipment that are propane powered generally last a lot longer than their electric or gasoline counterparts. So you would need to buy new things less often. This is a huge plus on a farm.

Propane is also a very green power source. Propane is nontoxic and considered a Clean fuel under The Clean Air Act of 1990. The propane industry is helping our country by improving the quality of the air we breath. Propane is a byproduct of crude oil and natural gas. It burns much cleaner than other sources of energy. Unfortunately, many of the power plants that we get our electricity from emit extremely large amounts of greenhouse gases into our ozone. This is very dangerous and it is ever increasing due to huge amounts of energy consumption.

It’s good for American economy! Propane is mostly an American industry and with it ever growing it will help our economy significantly! In the United States alone the propane industry supports more than 145,00 jobs! There are also at least 8,500 retailers of propane in the country. Another reason why propane is great for our economy in that over eight-hundred thousand farms in the U.S. use it, are you ready to switch?

What can it be used for?

Sooo many things! One thing that it is being used for on the farm is to assist with irrigation. A few years ago the government implemented a incentive to try using propane fueled equipment on the farm. This slashed fuel costs for irrigation as much as 56%. Wouldn’t It be great to cut costs like that?!?

Another thing that many farms have started using propane for is thermal agriculture! Thermal Agriculture keeps plants at the optimum temperature to help them grow faster and healthier. It also presents the possibility of growing all crops all year long. The great thing about thermal agriculture I that it keeps pests away without nasty pesticides that poison us and bees. It also helps keep weeds at bay. Thermal Agriculture reduces the amount of time it takes to dry crops at harvest time.

Speaking of drying, it is used in industrial dryers on crops that require drying. Some of these crops include tobacco, corn, and soybeans. All three of those industries are huge! A propane powered industrial dryer will same you precious time and money!

Farm equipment can also run on propane! Many farm vehicles and power tools can now be bought that run on propane! Running them on propane is much cheaper than gasoline. You can even buy cars and trucks that run on propane!

Propane is also helpful for you animals! They make propane powered brooders to keep them warm in the winter! We all want to give our livestock the best chance surviving a tough winter and using a propane heater is one way.

If you have especially tough winter then investing in a propane generator is an ideal solution to farms that lose power often. This will keep you and your family safe and warm during a winter storm.

Who knew that propane would be such a good option for your farm! It is definitely something to look into and to think about! If you are ready to buy your Farm or Ranch then give us a call!