Ready to Sell?

Are you a long time farmer that is ready to retire? Are you looking to downsize your life? Then maybe it is time to start thinking about selling your farm or ranch. Many times it takes some time to get the place ready to sell. It’s important to evaluate what you want to get done before for you put your place on the market. Her are some great improvements to start working on before summertime when most people start looking to buy!

Clear it Up

If you have a lot of land that has trails, paths, or roads through out then make sure you clean them up. This includes cleaning up any debris that has accumulated. This also means clearing out any foliage that has started to grow on it. Sometimes it’s a good idea to clear or cut down some trees in certain areas to make you property more appealing to some people. Cleaning up your pathways is a easy way to make your property more desirable.

Fix it!

If you have a property that has a lot of fencing then you should go through and fix any fences or gates that are in disrepair. Most people are interested in places that have as little fix up to do as possible. If they are planning to use this property as their livelihood then they will probably not have much money to put in and they will want a secure place to hold their livestock. Make all of your cross fencing, pastures, and barn fence look nice and presentable.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Make it pretty!! No really,  the human eyes is much more attracted to pretty things. We are drawn to beautiful colors and smooth shapes which is why we like flowers and other foliage. So if you are wanting to sell your home then start planting flowers, ornamental grasses, wonderful trees and any other array of majestic foliage that you please. This will give your property major curb appeal and help it sell fast!

Clean up

Clean up any trash or random items that have accumulated over the years on your property, we all know it happens over time. An old car a broken ladder, that we say we will clean up later happens. But no one wants to come visit a dirty property. If your stalls are dirty, clean them up to make your farm look fresh and clean. You are much more likely to sell a place that appears clean!

Lay a new Road

One way to make your property more appealing is by laying down fresh gravel. In places like Oregon where it rains a lot it is definitely a plus to have a new road on the property. Whether it is just laying new gravel, paving a road or driveway or even just scraping the road to make it look better it is a good way to make your property sell faster!

These are just a few ways that you can prepare your property to sell. If you are interested in selling or would like more improvement ideas then give us a call!