The Ideal Dirt

Spring has officially sprung and we are all ready to get our gardens going. We have talked a lot in the past about growing crops and getting your spring garden started. However, we haven’t dug too deeply about the importance of compost (pun intended). Compost and good soil are the foundation of your crops or just your project personal garden. Without the right nutrients we aren’t going to yield the best and largest amount we can!

The best thing that a person can do to when starting to work on getting so really nice planting dirt is to start saving your leftovers. Seriously! Get a compost bucket in your kitchen. You can put in all of your organic materials that you have leftover. Such as, tops of carrots, leftover veggie peelings, you can put fruit in as well, teabags,  and even crushed eggshells. These will all provide vital nutrients for your compost heap!

From the outside you can put plant clippings into your heap. You can also include your cut grass and even your fallen leaves! These all are great additives to your compost pile!

Some things to AVOID in your compost head include meat and dairy products. Some people think that it is a good idea to put dog or cat poop into compost but it is not advised! You also want to avoid adding diseased plants it. If you can help it, try to weed out the weeds before turning it into compost. If you allow weeds in you pile it can cause a huge issue later in your gardening beds. Remember that glass, plastics, and metals are never suitable in a heap! Doing these things can cause unwanted smells and even unwanted pests in your heap!

It is important to find a spot that is level so that water can drain easily from your compost. You must also turn your compost regularly so that it can decompose easily.  This also helps prevent the growth of mold and bacteria. If you live in a area that doesn’t have a lot of worms you can go and buy some to add into your pile. Worms are extremely beneficial and they’re castings are amazingly nutritious for your dirt! There is something that you can get that is called a compost activator. This ensures that your compost has the correct enzymes. When you add this in your compost is ready in as little as 10 weeks! That’s almost half the time as normal!

Once you have been composting for quite some time it is time for you to mix it into gardening soil. Adding compost into your garden will help the dirt gain nutrients and help it be able to manage moisture better. If you have a lot of worm castings that will also be extremely helpful in your dirt.

The more nutrients in your dirt the better. You will yield a larger harvest and make your family happy and healthy all year long with the amazing food that you are growing yourself, in the dirt that you prepared. That’s what life is all about right?!

If you are ready to buy a place with enough space to have a beautiful garden or a ton of crops then contact us, Oregon Farm Brokers, and we can help you find the perfect ranch or farm for your family!