Witching for Water

Many people whom live in the farming community like to do things, shall we say, old school. There are many things that are heavily debated on whether they are fact or fiction. Some of these things have supposedly been debunked by science, however, people today still practice them because they seem to work. One of these “old wives tales” is called Well Witching(or water witching, dowsing, or divining). Although many do not believe it it possible it is still widely used in many cultures today!

So what exactly is Well Witching? It’s basically the idea, a type of divination, that someone can use objects in their hands that can lead them to a good place to drill for water. Some people also believe that this technique can be used to find oil, gold, gemstones, ore and much more. In this day and age many people believe that it is not possible and it is considered pseudoscience. But despite the speculation many people still do it!

How is well witching done you may ask? Well there are a few ways that it is described but quite hard to find some real solid information on it. It is basically holding your instrument in your hands whether it be a Y-shaped stick or divining rods and following them. If you are using the L-Shaped divining rods you would follow where they point and when they cross over it’s the place to dig, this is the most basic description on how it is done. Some say that the rods work by following energies, some say its hogwash. Either way there are people that have been Well Witching for many years and have found hundreds of wells. They claim that only certain people are capable of Well Witching. Others says that women are especially good at Well Witching. No one really knows what is really going on when it comes to Well Witching but it does seem to work.

Where did the idea of Well Witching come from? We are not sure the exact origin of Well Witching. Some say that it began with Moses in the desert, others believe that the ancient Greeks perfected this practice. However, the first written history about Well Witching was Georgius Agricola’s work, De re metallica, written in 1556. He wrote about finding water with a forked twig. Also, “The 1550 edition of Sebastian Münster’s Cosmographia contains a woodcut of a dowser with forked rod in hand walking over a cutaway image of a mining operation. The rod is labelled “Virgula Divina – Glück rüt” (Latin: divine rod; German “Wünschelrute”: fortune rod or stick), but there is no text accompanying the woodcut.”(Wikipedia). Even in 1518 Martin Luther talked about dowsing for metals! Many believe that dowsing or Well witching as we know it now originated in Germany in the 16th century but we may never really know the true origins of it. Wherever it came from this superstition has survived the ages.

Well, it might be considered fake or pseudoscience but Well Witching sure is interesting and has a great and rich history! Maybe one day we will understand how and why it seems to work. Maybe it really is real! So what do you think about it? Are you going to hire a Well Witcher when you by your new property?

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