Cattle Farming

If you have ever thought about ranches then cattle farming has probably come to mind! It is one of the most popular animals to raise in the United States and yet they are still great money makers. So if you are considering getting a farm or Ranch maybe raising some cattle would be right up your alley!

What are some benefits of raising cattle you may ask? Well honestly, they are numerous. There are also numerous ways that you can make money by raising cattle.


One way that you can make money with cows is running a dairy. Cow milk is widely used in the United States and is always in high demand. Not only can you have milk from your cows but there are several other products that can be derived from milk that you can make. If you want to have your own real dairy with a small factory you can make all sorts of products. You can make cheese, yogurts, cottage cheese, creme, etc. Cow’s milk is the main ingredient in any different foods! You could even make a milk chocolate factory right on sight! Yum yum yum.


There are breeds of cows that are more expensive and sought after than others. Did you know that there are Cow Shows just like dog or cat shows? You could start out with a few cows with papers and great bloodlines and breed them for fun. Or you could buy several and go all out, you could make a lot of make a lot of money if you had some good breeders. People can make up to a couple thousand dollars for a well bred cow! Imagine have several to sell per month?!?


One way that you can make money with cows is to sell them for meat. The average price per pound of beef is about $5. The average weight of a cow is 1000-2500 pounds! So that means that for a 1500 pound cow you could potentially make $7,500. Wow! Talk about a great investment! If you want to make even more money you can become an approved butcher and pack your meat on your own and sell it in pieces individually! Then you could save money on butchers fees!


One thing that many don’t think about is the fact that even cow excrement can be useful. You can sell your cow’s manure to local farmers. It costs about $1000 per ton of cow manure and you would be surprised at how quickly cows can make a ton of manure! But it is a great way to make a small profit on something you don’t want anyway!

Raising cows would be a fun and beneficial thing to add to your farm or ranch. Keep in mind that these are animals and they need space to move and roam. A cow calf pair need to have 1.5-2 acres to feed them for 12 months. So make sure you have ample space for your bovine buddies!

If you are interested in buying a farm or ranch them give us a call!