Not So Common

We all hear about typical types of farms such as cattle farming, chicken farming, hay farming, and all the typical edible crops. But all of our more rare and unusual products have to come from somewhere right? So what are some things that people farm that aren’t so common? Maybe you could turn your farm into a place that people get a coveted product from. What are some good, less common things that you could build, grow or cultivate on your farm? Here are some great examples!


This has been a very sought after herb for thousands of years due to its medicinal purposes. Many people don’t want to grow it because of the time that it takes to grow into maturity. From planting to be able to harvest it takes 6 years. But if you have extra room that you don’t plan on needing anytime soon and you plan to stay there then this may be the crop for you. You can gain $100,000 on only half an acre worth of Ginseng, that sounds great doesn’t it?


We don’t generally think about growing bamboo in the kind of climate that Oregon has. However, there are many types of bamboo that can grow in very cold climates. A potted bamboo plant is selling for as much as $150 a piece. So even if you have only a small space to use you can still make a bundle on a small bundle of this versatile wood.


Have you ever seen a baby quail? They have to be the cutest little things in the whole world! So itty bitty and extremely sweet! Quail make absolutely perfect homesteading bird because they are easy to keep, they have such a small size, they go from hatching to ready to process in 8 weeks, and they are extremely prolific layers for the first year of their lives! They are hard to find and they are in high demand in most markets. Both their eggs and their meat. The only downside is that because they are so small it would take several of them to match a chicken on both egg laying and meat. But goodness they are cute.


The look like something from prehistoric times, have you looked at their feet? But ostriches are growing in popularity due to their lean meat. They are fairly easy to care for. Their giant eggs are also sought after, did you know that one ostrich egg is equivalent to Two Dozen chicken eggs? That’s pretty mind blowing if you ask us. In comparison to cattle farming an ostrich uses far less research and requires less space. You can sell the meat, the hide, the chicks, the eggs and the feathers!

Fish Farming

People love fish and we are finding out more and more about the importance of fish in our diets. They are full of omega fatty acids that help our bodies significantly! Fish farming is an agricultural that is currently booming. Currently there are more fish being farmed than cattle worldwide. Fish farming could potentially provide a reliable amount of protein for a fraction of the energy costs and labor that go into hunting them down at sea. 

If you are looking at having any kind of farm then give us a call and we will help you find your dream home and property!