We all love our farms! But we also love to make a profit off of our farms. Even if you just have a Hobby farm you can still find ways to make a profit. One way that you can make a profit is by selling products at a Farmer’s Market. With Spring just about ready to start it is a good time to look into what you need to do to get involved with farmers markets around you. We will help you with how to get involved and some fun things to make or sell at the market!

Local Laws

First and foremost check your local laws. They vary from state to state and sometimes county to county. Make sure that you are an eligible person to sell produce and homemade goods. Many times if you are selling homemade goods you will have to have your kitchen certified to make food in it to sell. You will also to to obtain a food handlers card which is very easy to do! More than likely you are eligible to sell at a Farmer’s market.

Make Contacts

One way to get involved with a farmers market is to make other friends that sell at them. You must contact whoever is in charge to find out what you need to do to be a part of it. Sometimes you will have to fill out and application or fill out forms and pay fees for the spot. Just contact the organizer and they will walk you through what you need to do. If you are unable to pay the spot fees then consider sharing a small spot with another local farmer. If you do that you can slowly build your way up! Either way you are bound to make some new friends when you get involved in the market!

Figure Out What You Want to Sell

One very important step is figuring out what you want to sell at your station. You may have an abundance of produce you would like to sell. Or you may have meat you want to sell. You could have excessive honey from your hives. Maybe you are a rockstar at baking and you want to sell baked goods. Perhaps canning/pickling is more your thing, you could sell fermented food! If you are not as much into food many times you can sell crafts, or soaps and lotions at the farmers market. In reality the possibilities are endless. Many people start out selling an array of products and then find their niche in their farmers market!

Prep Yourself

Make sure you have everything you need on your first day! Make a elaborate checklist so that nothing is forgotten.  Remember that you will likely be spending many hours at the market so bring a cover and comfortable chair for quiet times!

Stand out from the crowd!

Many times farmers markets are just tent after tent set up with very little difference. Do some decorating to help you  stand out from the rest of the tents! Maybe have a special give away that will help you get popular with the clients! You could bring a cute animal from your farm to create attention. You could have a raffle for a good prize. Really anything that gets you known! There are so many ways that you can start making connections with your community to really get your business going and get your name out there!

Joining a farmers market is a fun and exciting step for any farmer or hobbyist. Remember that making connections, getting yourself known, and having fun is key! The best way to make yourself known is to have great products with great prices and being an honest person! Good luck on your endeavor!