Have you ever wondered where your childhood stories that came from? While they change from a local, international, and global distance we’re here to talk about childhood stories that start off in the U.S. Interestingly, the majority of them all begins on the farm.

Three Little Piggies

The three little piggies nursery rhyme is a story that dates back to the 1800s. It was originally published in London and New York newspapers by the author James H. Phillips. The story began to become famous and was published in children’s storybooks across Europe and eventually in the Americas. 

There is some truth to this story, while the big bad wolf did not blow the little piggies house down, wolves do eat little piggies. The grey wolf has a notorious reputation for eating wild hogs and boars. Today, the grey wolf kills 50-80 boars in one year. Imagine in the 1800s when there was more wildlife. These killings commonly take place in Italy, but wild wolves are beginning to expand across Oregon. So, if you’re a pig farmer be careful, the big bad wolf will come down and eat your little piggies.

Old-Mcdonald Had a Farm 

Are you already singing the song? Ee i ee i oh. It’s a catchy and educational song about Old Mcdonald. The song originated in 1917 in a book called, “Tommys Tunes”. It was in a collection of World War 1 songs and rhymes. Over the years it has become a global loony tune that has been translated into a variety of languages. It has become an American staple playing in different mediums such as videos, books, movies, and more. 

If you’re looking to start a farm like Old Mcdonald we at Oregon Farm Brokers can help you out. Farms generate revenue, especially in Oregon. Hay, milk, grass seed potato, and wheat are the most profitable. Generating millions a year. It’s time for you to join this market. We’ll help you navigate this new business endeavor. 

Are there any farm stories you think are classics? We know there’s a bunch of them but let us know! Stay safe and enjoy the holidays!

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