Time To Prepare for Your Spring Garden


Yay! Spring is getting ready to, well, spring! It has been a long cloudy Winter but we are less than a month away from Spring! It starts on March 19th this year! One of the biggest things that people look forward to in Spring is getting their garden in and established. This garden is sustaining for many families in the Willamette Valley but is a hobby for many others. Whether your garden is entirely necessary for you or just for fun, we like to take getting ready very seriously. Here are some helpful reminders of what to do to get ready and started on your home garden this year!


Prepare Your Shed

This might sound like a simple task but it is very important. Being organized is a key task to success for many. You can see what in your tools need to be repaired, replaced, or sharpened. You can clean your tools and make sure they are in tip top condition.It is much easier to work with clean sharp tools. While organizing you will be able to see if there is anything you have run out of such as fertilizer, plant foods, seeds, etc. If you have structures that need to be put together then now is the time to do it. Some structures that need to be put together may be a small greenhouse, tomato cages, or trellises for your beans to climb. Get all of this busy work done while the weather is still semi yucky, that way when the weather is nice you can spend your time doing other stuff.


Making Your List


Once you have decided what you want to grow, decide how much you want to grow. You can also plan where you want each plant in the garden. Keep in mind that some plants assist other plants with growing and some don’t grow very well together! So do your research on companion planting to see what you should plant side by side. If you are planning to add in some raised beds then now is the time to start working on those! You can even design a layout for your garden beforehand so that you will be totally prepared when the time comes for you to put it into action.


Clear it Out

Now is a good time to clean out last year’s debris. The organic matter can be added to your compost pile. Materials that are well composted already can be mixed into your soil. You will want to make sure to thoroughly remove all weed materials to try to help prevent them from coming back. This is an important step in preparing your garden area!


Your Gardening Space

If you are trying to add more planters or raised garden beds now is the perfect plan to start the process. You should make a game plan on how and where you want these things added to your space. Decide on what type of materials you would like for your planters or raised garden beds. If you want some nice new pots, now would be the perfect time to order them before supplies run out.


Get your Soil Ready

Now is a great time to prepare your soil if the frost has lifted. You will want to till your solid 12-14 inches as soil often becomes compacted from the Winter elements. If leaves and other mulch is well composted them it can be mixed into the soil, if it is fresher it should be removed from the area. After that it is time to add your compost. You will want to test the PH level of your solid to decide what you want to add to it. You can add worm castings, manure, and other types of organic materials to improve your soil. If your soil is extremely poor you may want to make a raised bed and add your own, more nutritious soil.


Start with Germination

Many plants require a germination period. You can start that inside and then plant them outside when they are well established and clear of frost. This is a fabulous way to get a jump start on your garden. Plus, if you have little children it is a great way to get them involved!


We hope you are looking forward to Spring this year. There is nothing better than getting in the sun and our hands in the dirt! If you are ready to find your own space to get your garden in the ground then it’s time to call Oregon Farm Brokers to help you find your own piece of earth

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