Finding The Perfect Christmas Tree

There are many traditions around this time of year. One of those traditions is getting a Christmas tree. There are many traditions surrounding the tree. But what is the origin of the Christmas tree? Today we will talk about how the Christmas tree came to be, what types of trees are used and where you can get them in our area!


Winter festivals have been celebrated around the world for thousands of years. The use of “Christmas Trees” happened long before the advent of Christianity. They were even used in Ancient Egyptian and Rome. Ancient Romans used evergreens to decorate their temples at the festival of Saturnalia. Ancient Egyptians used green palm rushes as part of their worship of the god Ra. In Europe, pagans used evergreens above their doors to protect against witches and other evil spirits. They believed that good spirits would come in and and use the boughs as a reprieve from the cold.

Many cultures around the world used evergreens symbiotically. Plants and trees that stay green throughout are winter were often used to adorn the home to help people continue to think about the brighter times of year. This really helps people remember a better time of year and a new spring beginning.

Modern Tradition

The modern Christmas trees and we know it was started in 16th century Germany. The tradition of bringing in wood, making pyramids, and decorating them with evergreens was started by devout Christians in Germany. Many people believe that Martin Luther, who was a Protestant reformer, was the first one to put wired Candles on a tree for decoration. This is where the lights in the trees all began.

Types Of Trees

There are several different types of Christmas trees. Some of them are types of Fir trees, these include the popular Douglas Fir, Balsam Fir, Fraser Fir, Canaan Fir, Grand Fir, Noble Fir, and Concolor Fir. Pine trees are also often used. Some of the types of Pine trees that are used are White Pine, Scotch Pine, and Virginia Pine. Also used are Blue Spruce, White spruce and Norway Spruce. Some Cypress Trees that are used are Arizona Cypress and Leyland Cypress. Red Cedar trees are also used for Christmas trees! Now that was a long list of all the trees that are used!

Most Popular Trees

Although all of these types of trees are used, some are indeed more popular than others. The number one most popular tree is a Balsam Fir, they are the most fragrant of the Christmas trees. They are very durable and have long, flat, dark green needles. Douglas fir are also a very common tree used. They are very full with soft and flat. Fraser fir trees are easily identified because their needles are green on top and silver underneath. Many people also love the Scotch Pine! Why you may ask? Because they rarely shed their needles! They also have sturdy branches that curve upward, that makes them great for hanging ornaments! The Colorado Blue Spruce is also beautiful because they have a blue hue. These are the top 5 most popular Christmas trees in the U.S.

Here are some great Christmas Tree Farms In our area!

Noble Stag Orchards
40030 Stayton Scio Loop
Scio, OR 97374

Santiam Canyon Christmas Trees
17300 N Santiam Hwy SE
Stayton, OR 97383

Vollstedt Farms
451 NW Quarry Rd
Albany, OR 97321

Pronzini Christmas Tree Farms
6901-7051 Ganon St SE
Salem, OR 97317

Sunnyview Enterprises
4455 27th Ave SE
Salem, OR 97302

Carroll’s Country Christmas Trees
26260 Perkins Rd
Veneta, OR 97487

Remember, this is just a few of the wonderful Christmas tree farms in our area! Check online to find a local Christmas tree farm near you!

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