Plants That Are Great For Skin

We all have the occasional skin issue. Whether it be a rash, chronic eczema or getting poison ivy there is a plant for that! If you have a small farm and you are thinking about starting a new hobby cultivating herbs that have healing properties for the skin would be a great idea. Even if you are not in need of it many other people are! You can even sell it in small bunches to make a profit whatever you choose to do with these healing herbs it will be beneficial to all involved!

St. John’s Wort

We have all heard of this common herb but most of us actually know very little about it. What exactly is it? This is a plant that has been used since ancient times! It was told by healers that it could protect you from the evil eye. Generally it is prepared as an oil, and then it is used topically. The flowers and sometimes leave are infused with a carrier oil.

When the process happens a red oil comes from the yellow flower and turn the carrier oil bright red. It is great for topical use because it can help with wounds, bruises, varicose veins, sore muscles, mild burns and sunburns. It is an anti-inflammatory. Some say that if it is put behind the ear each day that it can help with nerve damage and hearing loss. Remember that if you take any medications or have any health problems you should always talk to your physician before starting any new products.

Red Clover

This is another great and useful herb. It has amazing anti-inflammatory properties. Eczema is exasperated by toxins in the body that trigger inflammation. Red clover is helpful because it helps eliminate the toxins in the bloodstream. Red clover can be made into a tea or it can be used topically. Improve your eczema but drinking a delicious tea each day!


Aloe has been used for literally thousands of years. It was first recorded in ancient Egypt 1500 B.C. Many of us grew up using the freshly split leaves as a first-aid treatment for burns, cuts and insect bites but otherwise taking the fleshy plant for granted. It grows best in areas that are warmer, even semi tropical. However, it also makes a great potted houseplant. It is perfect to have on hand for your first aid kit! All you have to do is break open a leaf to apply to burns, scrapes, sunburns and eczema.


This easy to grow flower is a great addition to your garden and you may very well already have it! It’s actually marigold. Most people have no idea how many benefits it has. You use it in a variety of skin treatments, including lip balms, facial lotions and salves for cuts and scratches. You can also use it in diaper-rash cream and a remedy against insect bites. It is very easy to grow alongside your vegetables and it is also beautiful!

There are many other herbs that are great for your skin such as lavender, turmeric, chamomile, chickweed, jewelweed…. The list goes on and on! Remember that if you take any medications or have any health problems you should always talk to your physician before starting any new products. If you are so ready to acquire your own hobby farm then give us a call and we will help you find the perfect property.