Fall Fun On the Farm

Fall is a favorite time of year for many people, especially in the beautiful Pacific Northwest! If you have a farm you are probably trying to think of great things that you could do on your farm to celebrate the season! If you open up your farm to the public during this season there are some absolutely amazing ways to have fun and make money on your farm!

Petting Zoo

Honestly, I have never met a child who doesn’t love a petting zoo. Heck, even most adults think it’s a load of fun to interact with animals. This type of attraction is especially important to children who otherwise would not be able to interact with farm animals. Plus, when not overused farm animals love the attention! You can sell snacks for the animals in an ice cream cone for .25c and make a small profit.

Pumpkin Patch

Now this is a biggy, people will come from near and far to be able to visit a great pumpkin patch. You can grow pumpkins of all sizes with a minimal investment and make money by selling your pumpkins by the pound. Have extra fun things to do at your pumpkin patch and the more popular you will become. Remember that the more unique you make you patch the more likely you will be to get on the “pumpkin patch map!”

A Corn or Hay Maze (Or both)

This is an attraction that many people love! Its make people feel slightly nervous without ever being in any danger. Some people make enclosed hay mazes. This adds in the extra elements of darkness that confuses the senses more so. Remember to always make a map of your corn or hay maze as to not actually let anyone get lost! 

Farm Market

This right here is a spectacular way to generate income.  In a farm market you can sell anything really. Some make baked goods, such as pies, breads, donuts, and many other delicious delicacies. If you only want to do it for part of the year you can focus on pumpkin spice everything! You can add apple cider too as well!

Some people sell produce, much of which they grow themselves or buy/trade from other local farmers. Everyone one wants farm fresh produce picked daily. People will travel and pay good money for this luxury. Many successful farm stands or markets will even sell cooked foods or have a restaurant on site that sells scrumptious season menus. People love food. Everyone needs it, and people will buy it!


There are many things that we think about when it comes to fall foliage. One thing is Sunflowers, they’re usually full bloom at the very beginning of fall and people love them. We also think of beautifully colored leaves, wreaths, and cornucopia. These are all great easy things that you can make and sell. You can even have a DIY station for others to make their own and you just provide the materials.

Pumpkin Spice Everything 

Here is an enormous fall favorite. You can literally make pumpkin spice everything. Cake, donuts, ice cream, coffee, lotions, soaps, literally everything. People go absolutely nuts for pumpkin spice. Do yourself a favor and add that flavor to your farm stand in some creative ways.

Are you ready to have your very own farm or ranch this fall? Give us a call!