Know Your Chickens!

Not all chickens are created equally. Some are big, some are small. Some ate super fragile and some are very very hardy. Some lay some grand giant eggs while other lay small or medium ones. Some chickens require a lot of maintenance while others are fairly self sufficient. Whatever your experience level and your willingness is, there is a breed of chicken out there for you. Today we will talk about a few different common breeds and what their pros and cons are!


These chickens are very hardy and they lay blue eggs! They are very similar to the Araucana but unlike the Araucana the Ameraucana have no tails. There is also an unrecognized breed called an East Egger, they lay multi colored eggs. They are a mix of Ameraucana or Araucanas. They are also sweet and Hardy.

Buff Orpington

This wonderful chicken is a favorite of many! This chicken was bred for its egg laying and it’s meat. This is a hardy chicken who does well with being contained if necessary. They are known for being extremely docile and friendly. They can withstand the cold very well. They are great layers, are great mothers and generally receive chicks quite well. However, they can be broody. They make a great family bird and will generally tolerate children very well.


Silkie chickens are not only absolutely adorable but they are also sweet as can be. They make an amazing pet chicken because of these traits! Like literally, live in your house with you, kind of chicken. They are even kept in apartments. Not only are they extremely loving but their feathers are very soft and feel more like fur! The are amazing mothers. They are small, so not great for meat and they lay small eggs as well. They do tend to get broody due to their maternal instincts. They can be vulnerable to weather and predators. But man are they just the sweetest things!

Rhode Island Reds

This is a great chicken because they are also incredibly hardy. They are a likely chicken to lay eggs for you throughout the winter. They have an extra layer of feathers that help them stay warm. They are beautiful to look at with their dark red feathers. Rhode Island Reds know that they are special and expect to be treated as such. They like your attention and if they don’t get enough they can get moody. Overall, they are a great chicken.


They are often called silver or gold laced, for their beautiful look. These chickens are extremely popular because of their beauty. They are also great layers. Wyandotte are very active which can be good and bad. On one hand they are great at foraging and are playful but on the other hand they can be bullies to other breeds of chickens. This is also because of their large size. They are not a great chicken if you want to snuggle as they are not super friendly!

There are many more chicken breeds, make sure you do lots of research on any breed that you will consider getting! If you are ready to buy a farm or ranch then it is time to give us a call!