It’s 2021 and you are ready to achieve new business goals. You’re thinking, I have more time on my hands and would like to on a farm. Yet, you have a few lingering questions in mind such as, “how do I start?” Well, let us, Oregon Farm Brokers, help you invest in a farm by offering 10 crucial tips when finding the best farm property. 

Learn the history 

When buying new farming land it’s essential to get to know the land. This might sound cheesy but it works trust me. Learn about its history for example what was farmed there, what was successful or not, and any other pending questions you have. 

Run Tests 

Once you’ve had an idea of what you would like to grow you have to make sure that your soil is compatible. Here’s a list of crucial nutrients you need to learn about: phosphorus potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, aluminum, and lead. 

Observe the Drainage System

Ideally, you would want soil with a quick drainage system. What this means is soil drains quickly after a rain shower. Most plants flourish in these systems because it helps protect against plant diseases and mold. You can invest money in fixing your drainage system but ideally, you would want a good draining system to start. 

Estimate Distance from Distributors 

The long term goal is to make additional revenue. You want to be far enough to harvest your crops, and close enough to sell them. Every minute on the road your product becomes less appealing. Make sure you are close to your buyers and distributors. 

Research Who Owns Your Mineral and Gas Rights 

We cannot emphasize this point enough! Research who owns your mineral and gas rights. You want to be aware of who owns the rights of the minerals and gases found on your property. While you can be the owner of the property of the items found at the surface level, there can still be a third party who owns what is found below your property. In 2019, the Virginia Supreme Court held the right of mineral and gas owners to access minerals and gas even if it disrupted the life of the farmer. 

If you’re in need of a crucial assessment of your land talk to the team at Oregon Farm Brokers. Not only are we realtors, but we’re also farmers ourselves and understand what it takes to make a farm successful. 

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