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If you have space to use on your farm then it is time to start thinking about what you want to grown on it. Of course climate, and typical weather in your region play a big role but what are some very profitable crops that you could grow on you land? Today we will spotlight some of the more profitable crops. If you have the time and the space you might as well make some money with it!

Ornamental Grasses

Most of use know that the Willamette Valley Is a great place to grow grass. The Willamette Valley, specifically Linn, Benton, and Marion counties, are the grass seed capital of the world! It might be hard on allergies at time but looking at rolling hills of perfect grass sure is a pretty sight! Ornamental grass is a crop that you can make a large profit on! One great thing is that most ornamental grasses are pretty drought tolerant so they do not require a lot of water. This is one fun crop to grow!


Everyone loves flowers! And they are always in high demand everywhere, at all times. There is always an occasion to buy flowers! Sometimes people buy flowers to plant in their yards at home and sometimes they want to have cut flowers to display beautifully in their home. Sometimes it is nice to give a bouquet of flowers to a loved one. Flowers are used for wedding, funeral, celebrations of births, there is always a good reason to buy some flowers. Growing flowers is a great crop to make a profit on!


Everyone uses herbs. Some herbs are used to make beautiful fancy meals. Some are used for their medicinal purposes. Herbs have been used for their medicinal purposes as long as there is history! Some of the more popular herbs to grow include chives, oregano, cilantro, and basil. Many herbs are now being used in bulk commercially to make essential oils. Growing herbs can be fun and easy, as well as a great way to be able to make money.


This has been a very sought after herb for thousands of years due to its medicinal purposes. Many people don’t want to grow it because of the time that it take to grow into maturity. From planting to be able to harvest it takes 6 years. But if you have extra room that you don’t plan on needing anytime soon and you plan to stay there then this may be the crop for you. You can gain $100,000 on only half an acres worth of Ginseng, that sounds great doesn’t it?


We don’t generally think about growing bamboo in the kind of climate that Oregon has. However, there are many types of bamboo that can grow in very cold climates. A potted bamboo plant is selling for as much as $150 a piece. So even if you have only a small space to use you can still make a bundle on a small bundle of this versatile wood.

So if you have the time and the space then these are some great profitable crops! If you are looking into buying a farm or ranch give us a call!

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